How To Get Any Sim Detail App 2021 – Best Person Tracker app

Do you want to track someone’s sim number? Sometimes our phone got stolen, or any other emergency happens; we find the tracker app to find the phone location as the sim phone tracker is the most popular and used app in Pakistan as well in the whole world.

Most of the phone tracker is free of cost, and we are here to explore those all with their features and specifications, so stay tuned.

What information a sim tracker provides:

The information varies different as there are so many tracker apps in the play store or in the local stores, available online through web and all have different features, functions, and specifications; some of the important information is:

  • Location (current address)
  • Name
  • Last signal(last location)

The sim tracker app is considered very useful for the parents as well for the police also, they can locate and track their child’s number and know where their current location is and police can track the number of the criminal and taking eye on its every movement; isn’t that helpful.


 The question here arises that the sim tracker app works on which network, Does the sim tracker works on the jazz, Ufone, Zong or which one?

How much network on which sim tracker works?

As there are different network services available in Pakistan as well in the world, so there are specific networks on which trackers can work,

But don’t worry,

We present you with the tracker, which can almost work on the network services. The networks include:

  • Jazz (Mobilink)
  • Zong
  • Ufone
  • Telenor

And so on.

How to track Sim’s number?

It is the easiest process, as you have only to have the file on your mobile; we have given the link of the file below just scroll down and have it. After having the file in your mobile, open it; as it has a simple layout/interface you will find the networks’ options easily; click on the network on which the Sim is running, and then after going to the option, type the number you want to locate and go to the option next. After some moment, you will the number bio data mean his current location and his last location, and the owner name of the Sim.

How does the sim card location tracker work?

With the help of the simple layout of the app, it is quite easy to learn how to manage and track a sim card’s information. Nowadays, smart tech is a part of life and is advancing rapidly and making the tracking system easier; the sim tracker gives two major features or information: 

  • Track the location of the smartphone by sim card
  • Track the changes of the chip in the device.

The chip is installed artificially as a tracking helper in the device or can be installed from the mobile company, which monitors every mobile change; even when the sim card is replaced, it will send the message about the replacement immediately, and this information you will get on the app interface. To get the notification, you should be online.

To start the app, follow the simple steps described below;

  1. Sign up by providing the information demanded by the app, as the app is free.
  2. Go to the network on which the Sim is running, then type the number.
  3. The tracker will be turned on and will provide the information in a moment.

After that, you will start getting the information which the tracker gives you according to its terms and condition, so be careful before tracking the number reads the app terms and conditions.


It is not a difficult process, as it has a simple interface and no paid subscription.

Snoopza- the free tracking sim card location app:

Snoopza is the free tracking app application, surprisingly also available on the Google play store. It helps its user tracking its and some other number a few steps away, as we described the steps below.

What information will it provide?

 It will tell the following information according to its features:

  • Sim last location
  • Current location
  • Name of the owner
  • SMS

With the app’s help, you can determine or track the location of a sim wherever and anytime 24/7; the only thing you need to track the sim card is an internet connection via your Mobile data or PTCL, or any other connection.

The Snoopza app is also known as a spy as it takes an eye on the sim card number you provided to the app.

How to check the information of the sim card without using the app?

Is it possible to check the name or information of the sim card without using any app? Yes, you can get the name of the owner’s sim card by texting the message to the company, but the Sim should be installed in your mobile whom information you will check.

  • Jazz; Send a blank message at 668 
  • Zong: send the blank message to 668
  • Ufone: send the blank message to 668.

And so on.

Have the file now:

There is a link to the app if you are having a problem finding the app on the play store, so we made it easy to link the app below. Have the file now on your mobile and follow the instruction we described in the article.

Just connect yourself with the internet and the tracking will be on the process.

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