M Status For Android – APK Download

M Status For Android – APK Download

What is Mstatus for android? It is simply a status application, specially made to be highly-customizable notification application. M Status also stands for My Status.

If you think Android OS will not let you customize your widgets, but we are absolutely wrong!

M Status is very much similar to the widgets that we see on the iPhones. This application is very much similar to the widgets that we find on iPhone but only you will find it on your phone’s big screen.

Yes, I’m Status is just a small, tiny version of a full-fledged iPhone application. However, you can use it to enjoy all the iPhone’s widgets and functionality without having to learn any code or programming language.

You can use M Status in two ways, either by setting it as your default clock or displaying it as a small dock. By default, the M Status looks like a normal clock with clock, date and screen resolution (it is actually a scaled down version of iPhone’s dock). By tapping on the clock or the small “avor” button at the top-right corner of the screen, you can change its appearance however you want. This application comes with over 100+ animated, lighted, vibrating, scrolling text and icons, and lots more.

M Status For Android – APK Download

To use this application, first tap on “Start” button on your device and then long-press on the M Status icon. You will see few icons such as” texting”,” Email”,” texting”,” call log”,” contacts”,” alarm”,” battery”,” time left”,” music player”,” send and receive”. Long-press any icon and then you can drag it to your desired location on the screen.

The drag action allows you to select any of the icons and put them on any of your home screens. It’s that easy!

There are also some additional features in M Status for Android. There is an uninstall function which allows you to easily remove the application. If you want to revert back to the clock face that was used previously, you can do this too. And if you’re bored by seeing the same time and date for all the icons, you can disable them in settings.

Some of these applications look really good. I especially like the one called “astical”. It allows me to set my Google Now cards as the wallpaper and even apply different themes to it.

I like to use the same application for all my devices since it’s a one-Tap solution. In fact, most of the cool Android applications aren’t that complicated to use.

M Status For Android – APK Download

As for the functionality of the application, it is good. I can see how much easier it would be to use if the clock was always on. But I suppose that is just my personal preference. It is, however, nice to have a customizable interface like what I use on iPhone. And I’m not the only one who thinks that way. Almost every review on the iPhone seems to end up recommending M Status for Android.

My main reason for recommending M Status for Android, however, is the usefulness of having access to my Gmail account from any device. I keep a lot of contacts and files in there and it would be a shame to lose them just because I misplace my phone.

And being able to preview the messages before reading them feels like a huge convenience as well. When you are in a meeting and need to get quick access to a particular text, you should be able to do so from any platform as long as your phone is equipped with MMS support.