Modbro Apk for Android Latest Version – Free Download

Mobdro Apk – Want to watch your favorite video, podcast, or latest movie without any cost, along with less usage of the internet? Mobdro offers the best mobile video streaming services on every smartphone, android, apple, or tablet free of cost.


What is Mobdro?

Mobdro apk application consisting of an advanced algorithm that brings searches for free streaming content across the web and brings it to your mobile or desktop free of cost with less usage of the internet.

It also recognizes its user search intent and provides the related content. The problem that arises here about Mobdro is it isn’t available on major app stores like Google play store but,

Don’t worry,

                 “We provide you with the link below in the content, so go through it.”

mobdro app

Mobdro specifications:


Name: Type:
Version 2.2.8
Size 20.7 MB
Requirement Android 4.4+
Developer MobdroPlus




Free of cost: As Mobdro most used and loved application due to its free-to-use function, you get access to everything without spending any money. Isn’t that a good one?

Usage of the Internet: you do not need to worry about your internet usage as Mobdro uses less data without reducing the video quality, so it saves your mobile data. Isn’t that a beneficial one?

Uncomplicated: The Mobdro is very easy to use later thanks to its user interface. It is so simple that everyone can easily find anything with a click away on their mobile phone.

Premium Version: There is also a premium version of the App known as Mobdro premium. This premium feature allows casting this App on your TV for those who love to watch their movies or video streaming on the large TV screen with very little cost means quite affordable.

Devices: This device is compatible with IOS and android devices, but it is primarily built for Android devices so that sometimes it can cause an issue on the IOS devices a bit.

How to download the MOBDRO Apk?

The question arises here that it isn’t available in the stores, so how to download it you just install the App from the given file link below and tune yourself into your favorite movie. Just follow the following steps compiled below:

Step 1: Download the Mobdro app to your devices from this link:

(Put the link of the file)

Step 2: Go to your setting and tap on the security option and then enable the unknown sources to and then the MOBDRO app will start downloading.

Step 3: click on the file and enable all the term of the App (but be careful before accepting must read their policies; it can be harmful)

Step 4: Open the application and tune yourself in the stream.


List of categories available on the Mobdro app:

The Mobdro Apk has a clean-looking and simple interface that means easy to use with contrasting red, dark grey, and purple accents. There are the following categories displayed on the App including:

Channels: The Mobdro can provide the list of the different channels; you have to find the name of your favorite channel, which will be given in the category option, and start watching shows without any interruptions. Isn’t that a cool one?

News: This App also covers the news form; you can easily connect to the outer world and watch it whenever and wherever you want. There is a proper news coverage system in the App that can tell you what is going on globally.

Shows: The user of Mobdro most uses this category as they find it more appealing than others. You can watch your favorite TV shows.

Movies: This App also gives you access to the latest released movies, and you can download them and watch it offline anytime, as it is free of cost.

Sports: If you love watching sports just like football, this App is especially recommended for you; this App includes sports game shows including hockey, football, golf, cricket, and many others.

Is Mobdro Safe?

Truly speaking: 

                        We cannot say that this App is 100% safer than other apps and it is also not supported by the Google play store.

It pretends that this App can sometimes attack your mobile and add some harmful virus into it, so make sure that you carefully read the term and conditions of the App before going to run it.

mobdro apk for andriod

Is Mobdro legal?

 The Mobdro Company launched the Mobdro app in 2017; but at that time, it is unstable, but with time, the user starts enjoying the App as it provides easy access to the internet streams with less usage of data.

As the App stated that

                                               “It is an application for android devices that enables the user to crawl the app for any stream which is arranged in a category.”

In the legal term, this is comparable legal in some period, but it uses most of the Copyright content, so we can also say it is illegal.


What is the video quality?

The user can get a video quality of the stream up to 1080p (mean full HD) as the videos can be downloaded and watched offline without having any issue with the quality.

How many categories are available?

As there are almost a number of six(6) categories in the App. They range from- channels, movies, sports, music, shows, news. It depends on the user what he likes to hear or watch from it.

Can the Mobdro run on the Pc or Computer?

Yes, you can run it on your PC or iMac; you have to download the blue stack to install the Mobdro application.

Does it consume a lot of data?

No, it doesn’t fetch a lot of data; it can stream the video with high quality with low internet usage.


Overall, I find Mobdro the best streamer application, which is also the best alternative for those who want to watch the weather online or offline, without any cost and less usage of the mobile data or the internet.

The Mobdro app has a premium version that allows you to cast your movie on a large screen, but the free version is not bad; it gives you free access to several different channels; you have to go to the category you love to watch and enjoy isn’t you?


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