PUBG Mobile Free Gifts

PUBG Mobile Free Gifts

PUBG Mobile Free Gifts

PUBG Mobile is one of the most sought after free gifts in the Google Play Store. If you are an avid follower of the mobile gaming industry, I am sure that you must have at least heard of PUBG Mobile. But what is PUBG Mobile and what are its features?

First of all, download the PUBG Mobile free app to your device. Tap on the’Events’ tab and tap ‘Complete’. 5) Select the events you want to participate in. You will be prompted to choose a battle type: Lite Hack, Classic Dodge, or Capture the Flag.

You can pick any battle type, but PUBG Mobile Lite Hack is by far the most popular one. If you really do not want to spend money on another gift, the classic Dodge would be nice too.

PUBG Mobile Free Gifts

Once you have started playing, you will notice that you do not really get enough actions. This might be because you have not yet unlocked the true power of the hack. That is something that can be achieved later.

The developers managed to incorporate a lot of exciting features into PUBG Mobile Lite. It is fast and contains many new features that make it unique compared to other games. PUBG Mobile has four different battle modes:

Team Fight, Encounter, Classic Dodge and Capture the Flag. Each of them has their own specific set of rules, which makes them unique as per their respective game types. Here are some of the pros and cons of each one:

Dodge is perhaps one of the most well-known modes in pubg vs free fire. It requires a lot of thinking and quick reflexes. You can try to play this using your favorite dashing cars like the EA iRacing cars.

But if you have already mastered using pubg lite hack, then you can also try using other popular cars like the Lamborghini or the Porsche.

Encounter is an arcade style of game mode where you need to survive being caught by a group of zombies. As you progress through the levels, you will find more zombies to attack you with. In this mode, you need to use your combined skills to fight off the waves of zombies.

The PUBG Mobile Free Gifts mod menu hack allows you to switch from one mode to the other at any given point of time.

PUBG Mobile Free Gifts

This is probably the hardest mode to play in PUBG Mobile. You are tasked to perform tasks like driving, climbing up walls and other action parts to make it through the level. In this mode, you will find that you can get trapped in certain areas and not be able to move freely.

If you want to get out of these tricky situations, you will need the PUBG Mobile Free Gifts cheat to help you out. The trick works best when you engage in a battle against large groups of zombies.

To get the free gift, simply input the code given on the help screen to bring up the cheat menu. Select the first option (select someone else to be your player character). Use the down arrow keys to view your saved character.

Type the character id number given on the help screen to automatically select the right character for the task given and start the mission you were assigned.

It really is pretty straight forward. Enter the right amount on the relevant field, wait for a while to pass. Then, press the space bar to trigger a free gift animation and enter the correct code.

Pressing the space bar again will stop the animation and enable you to move about your character and continue with your mission.

PUBG Mobile Free Gifts

If you find these codes aren’t working, you can always use a search engine or look through the PUBG Mobile user forums to see if anyone else has found the codes you need. I know I have but that’s why I’m also writing this article.

I’m sure other members of PUBG Mobile know where you can find codes too. The key is to simply keep searching until you find what you need.

In addition to the mobile version of PUBG, the game is now available for free on the Android platform as well. So if you’re still not sure whether it’s worth buying, give it a try for yourself.

You can download the free version of the game right now from Google play. Happy hunting!