RIC for Android – APK Download

RIC for Android – APK Download

Ric Client Community (RCCC) is a software application that helps business owners manage their company’s Android application portfolio.

The software allows users to manage the user’s apps, search and browse the latest apps, manage play lists and much more from their desktop or laptop. All the features of the RIC for Android are available in the desktop version too.

The desktop version comes free with your RIC server and can be downloaded straight away.

RIC for android

RIC for android is designed to work seamlessly with your business’ existing android application platform. With the help of an expert developer, your android application can support the latest Google Android architecture.

RIC for Android – APK Download

Ric Client Community (RIC) offers multiple user interface configurations, including simplified, designer and premium layouts, across all devices. RIC also supports the latest android versions such as Kit Kat 4.4, Kit UB, Gingerbread and Honeycomb OS.

RIC provides an extremely powerful tool for managing your android apps. Managers can approve, reject, edit and delete user’s apps from their local computer.

Managers can set permissions for specific apps, create, rename and remove folders and view app users’ activity within apps. Users can create group, create and view private networks, create and view public networks, manage their settings and search groups.

RIC for android comes with complete documentation. Users can easily find tutorials that walk them through the entire procedure of creating, installing, activating and using their favorite apps.

The tutorial guides user through the basic steps, from setting up the app, through the installation process, and registering the application with their business. The tutorials guide users through each of the app screens:

RIC for Android – APK Download

RIC for android comes in both desktop and mobile versions and provides many additional features. The desktop version can be downloaded directly from the Ricclient website.

The mobile version can be downloaded from Google Play. Both versions have a number of additional features not available on the desktop version such as:

RIC provides custom login options. This is helpful for businesses that require a more secure and unique login page for authorized users.

Ricclient allows users to change the standard error page so that it is error free. It also supports URL rewriting for URLs with query strings and cookies. This prevents users from entering their username and password multiple times and instead allows them to enter the same username for each entry.

RIC for android provides an extensive set of desktop-style widgets for users to use with their mobile device. These include: clocks, weather reports, photos, news, calculator and many other desktop-style widgets.

Furthermore, Ricclient allows users to set up notifications to appear on their desktop or mobile device.

RIC for Android – APK Download

Ricclient, internet marketing automation software, gives business owners a powerful app for managing their business. The user interface is very simple, clean and fluid, using smooth transitions and themes.

The free version only has six pre-installed apps but the upgraded version has twenty-eight pre-installed apps. This app has been praised by its users, who are finding it extremely useful.

The app offers a fully featured service for all clients. It has advanced group communication tools as well as an online presence. It also integrates with email, texting and social media accounts for customer connectivity.

RIC for Android – APK Download

Ricclient does not require any monthly subscription, as the service can be availed for one entire year. It is also available in a free trial version for users who wish to try the app for a limited time period.

The Rich Media Extensions features available in Ricci App helps users to add rich media content to their mobile app. This content can be used to share videos, images or text.

The Rich Media Extension also allows for third-party integration. Ricci also allows users to add additional modules such as Google Maps, Google+ Local, Yelp, and Evernote.

Ricci Business gives business owners the ability to access their business from anywhere they might be. Through the web browser, users can log in to their account and manage all their contacts from anywhere.

They can even upload their entire photo album from their smartphone. The app allows users to manage their schedule and tasks from their laptop or other local computer as well. Ricci also integrates with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

The Ricci App is a great way for business owners to stay in touch with their customers. It is easy to download from the Android Market and it works with all Android devices.

RIC for Android – APK Download

It is not only a handy app but it is a very unique one too. The app integrates seamlessly with Google+ and it also comes with Google Maps. If you are looking for a smart and easy way to connect with your customers, then Ricci Business may be just what you’re looking for.