Virtual Antiban App for Android

Virtual Antiban App for Android

Virtual Antibanker is a new malware which simulates the famous Antivirus Action application. The aim of this scam is to trick users into buying the upgraded version of the malware, as it doesn’t actually have any functionality built in.

This scam was recently released onto the internet and although it may look legitimate, it’s always better to stay away from them! Read on to find out more about Virtual Antiban and how you can remove it for good!

This scam has been around for a while, but it just resurfaced recently with a new name. It first appeared on the APK files of different online stores. Once installed, it would continually show on the screen and would continually ask if you wanted to purchase its upgraded version.

If you clicked yes, the fake program would then infect your PC, causing all sorts of damage. Although Virtual Antivirus is a legitimate program, it will not do anything to help protect your computer.

The virus has several distinguishable features. Firstly, it loads a fake application which requires you to scan your PC to “verify” that it’s genuine. When you get this message, your PC is already infected, so you need to get rid of the fake application immediately!

Virtual Antiban App for Android

Unfortunately, the scanning part of the application does not run in the background, so you’ll have to perform it manually if you want to clean up the remainder of the system.

Virtual Antibanker will also send spam messages on your PC. It will disguise itself as an email attachment or a zip file and will continuously post spam messages on these websites.

You won’t even know it’s there! These spam emails try to get you to buy the fake upgrade of the software. However, if you want to remove this infection from your PC, you should look to use the “malware removal tool” that has been created by an expert.

This program can easily get rid of the Virtual Antibanker infection, making it extremely difficult for it to return! After installing the program, you should let it performs a deep scan of your PC.

This will cause it to reveal all the infections it has, allowing you to clean them up. After this has been done, you just need to restart your PC and it should be free of the infection.

You should note that if your settings or data are corrupt when you restarted your machine, you’ll need to clean them up manually.

To get rid of the Virtual Antibanker program, it’s advisable that you use a piece of software known as “MalwareBytes”. This tool scans through your PC and removes all the parts of the program that could potentially be causing damage.

This will make your computer run much faster and prevents the program from loading. After using the program, restart your machine and reinstall the Virtual Antibanker application.

Virtual Antiban App for Android

The next step is to use a program called “XoftSpy”, which is a reliable spyware removal program. This will scan through your PC and get rid of any of the infected elements of the Virtual Antibanker application.

You can use this by clicking onto the link below. After downloading and installing XoftSpy, you should then use it to scan your PC and clean out any of the errors that it might find. When it’s done, it will remove all traces of the Virtual Antibanker virus and should leave your system clean & ready to use.

If you want to get rid of this virus for good, it’s advisable that you use the steps above. They will effectively rid your PC of all parts of the infection and prevent it from returning.

Virtual Antiban App for Android

However, if you’re not sure whether these steps will work, then it’s advisable you download and install XoftSpy – a reliable anti-spyware program.

This will scan through your system and get rid of any of the parts of the Virtual Antibanker application that could be causing problems for your PC.